Landingon Razzle


May 2017

HEAD - Geneva

Master Space and Communication

Landing on razzle

From the British slang, Razzle means to go out, celebrating with friends. But Razzle can also refer to the “razzle dazzle” or “dazzle painting”, a camouflage made by a complex pattern of geometric shapes in contrasting colors. Landing on Razzle is an event machine, a space inspired by natural habitat converted into simplified geometry, a structure able to contain and become an event by itself. An immersive installation where participants are invited to explore the space with red plexiglass accessories that changed their experience. Landing on Razzle is a group project about the creation of a parallel world by building a wood structure, hanging fabrics and visual plexiglass filters. The event was conceived and realized in two months: I was in charge of the event planning and organization of the teams.